carrots and fluffy things
hello! i love carrots and playing pretend with my frends
temporary hiatus

ask is open

it’s not like i ever closed it xD

It basically went like this.

[and thank you! as for programs I use azpainter and azdrawing. u v u;]

JB: yeh I do but dave lways mkes me lose

guess who just got a new tablet

edit: also I posted on the wrong blog so I apologize for it not being johnbunny

but I shall draw more soon yay!

minisprites doing stuff

"is it okay if someone makes a mini sprite blog,or is it just master list sorta thing."
From: Anonymous

[of course it’s okay! If you know of any others or if you make one yourself, feel free to link me to it ; v ;]

"((can i have links to rose kittens and jade puppys blogs? rose kitten url doent seem to be rose kitten nor does jadepuppy))"
From: Anonymous

[well there’s ask-jadepup, askjadepup, and ask-rosekitten, though they haven’t updated in months. I really wish there were more, though. I love the minisprites XD]

(ooc posts are fun)

(fake edit: whoa where’d you new people come from now I kinda feel bad for answering in scribble mode)